Do you sing in the bath? the car? a football crowd? Maybe you play an instrument and would like to try singing? Do you want to keep your brain in tip-top condition by reviving or learning some new skills?

Have you thought of joining a choir? The Hurst Singers meet most Thursdays at St John’s Hall Mortimer and would love some new members – especially men with deep voices! – but everyone’s welcome.

A wide mix of people turn up every week and it’s sociable, local and fun. Our repertoire is wide- ranging: from classical and religious, to folk, modern popular music and the musicals – so there’s no time to get bored. We sing four-part pieces, with soprano, alto, tenor and bass parts so you need to be able to sing in tune and follow the music. Resources can often be found on the internet and on the members page of this website to aid learning, and established members always help newcomers. And – especially if you are not really experienced – it’s a new challenge that’s really good brain-training!! What matters is a willingness to join in and have a go. Of course, experienced singers are welcome too!

It’s amazing how what seems a bit of a challenge at first comes together to sound really good as we get towards concert time.

Join us and you will get your first month free. Contact us for more information.